Thursday, February 9, 2023



 by Vera Cait

Creative Writing is an Art Form whereby  we use WORDS to express ourselves.       Poetry is a good example where the written words instil emotions and memories, moving us to find pictures in our minds of what the words are telling us. 

 At other times, we can find ourselves expressing passion by a selection of words, similar to Valentine Cards.  One doesn't often tell a person how much they love them, yet the written words on a card will do just that.  

Perhaps a little over the top, yet which one of us would not be impressed with receiving a Valentine Card? 

The Written Words can also be a form of Therapy.  By writing down the feelings or memories we have about a certain incident, the words can act as a Stress Buster, allowing us to become aware of hidden traumas buried in the depths of our minds

To be Creative with Words, all we need is Pen to Paper, and Time to write.