Monday, January 30, 2023


 Today I met a young person, a young mother with a husband and one year old child. She wanted to give me an envelope with money enclosed.

Her story related to many years ago when she visited our Shop with a friend. The money is to pay for something her friend had stolen from the shop and gave it to her. 

Now that she has become a born-again Christian, she feels compelled to pay for what was stolen, and to apologise. She believes that to follow Christ we must be honest and make up for any mistakes or wrongs that one has been party to.

I accepted the gift of money, then invited her and her husband to have tea with us.  I explained that I am a believer in the Catholic Faith, and introduced her to a book by Saint Therese.  She took a photo of the cover, but not the book.

We sat in our Studio and had tea and biscuits.  I was impressed by her faith, yet a little sad that she would feel obliged to point out the faults she believes exist in the Catholic Faith.

What we believe is very personal and must be respected, yet if we truly believe in our Faith, are we morally bound to share it with others?  I ask the question because that is what I tried to do many years ago, to go out and preach the Gospel, and let all peoples know that God is a God of love.

I believe and I wonder...

Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Our ASPIRATIONS denote who we are. 

When I aspire to dance, I become a dancer

When I aspire to swim, I become a swimmer.

and when I aspire to write, I become a writer.

Whatever I aspire to become, will become my reality, will be me.

Pen to Paper, fingers on the keyboard, let's write!


Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Coming to the close of a year of many adventures and challenges, one can wonder about the future? What steps can be taken to help this wonderful World of ours become a better place, one that will be an encouragement and protection, especially for the new generation of people / children who will only have our guidelines to help them.

What can I do to create a better place / a better World ?

My answer is simple, yet also complex, because I believe in God, the Creator of the Universe and all that pertains to who we are and where we are.  Will my belief be good enough to make a difference?

Reading the life of St. Therese, I came across a quote from her... 'One person, striving for sanctity, is more pleasing to God than many others living a good, yet complacent life.'  

Does that effect me and my life?  I wonder, because I would relate myself to the complacent person. I know about saints whose lives show us what sanctity is all about, yet I cannot imitate them.  I must be the original person that God has created me to be.

Perhaps the answer to saving the World and being the best that we can be lies in our honesty about who we are, truly, and follow up with a life that values and lives a life of loving and caring, responding to the inner voice that prompts us to love, always.

Friday, December 23, 2022


 Christ has given us a strong command, 'Love one another as I have loved you'.  This is not an easy example to follow, especially when we might even doubt God's love for us.

Perhaps that is where the difficulty lies, in becoming aware of the truth that God loves each one of us, regardless of how good or bad we might be.  This is hard  for us because by nature we measure love according to how we are loved etc. And, also when we are not good, we can feel ashamed and wish to hide, believing that we are not worthy of love.

God is Love, and so does not measure love according to feelings and responses, as we so often do.  When love is genuine, then it does not judge the actions of others, it simply focuses on the Presence of God which is noble and pure.

One example that might make this clear for us, is seen in the love of a mother for a child.  The 'child' who might well be an adult, can be far from good or holy, yet still, the mother's love will not fail. Love is love, regardless.

When we are able to believe in God's love for us, we will have the power to love, and experience how love heals!


Monday, December 5, 2022


 'Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder...' so we are told, and how true that is. When our hearts are captured with delight at the sight of another person, or something of artistic value, we immediately respond with love.

You could say, this is the way God has formed us. We are made in His likeness and therefore we cannot but rejoice at the sight of beauty.  An innocent child will display the wonder of the soul and God's love for each one of us.

I visited Fatima, in Portugal, awhile ago and was touched by the knowledge of who was chosen by the Blessed Virgin, three little children, to carry the message of love to the whole World.  Through their innocence and obedience to Our Lady, we have confirmation of just how much God loves each on of us.

Of course, we have this wonderful World of ours, sending out messages of beauty as seen on Earth and the Universe at large. We just have to open our eyes and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us.

Monday, November 28, 2022


 To  be joyful is such a wonderful state of mind, body and spirit.  We become as if  possessed with an inner strength that propels us forward, believing that the World is a wonderful place, and everybody in it is special.

True joy is heartfelt, an inner energy that helps us to stay on the path of love. It  could be regarded as a rebirth of our soul which takes over our whole being and changes us into a spiritually enlighted person.

One example of Joy can be seen through a mother who gives birth to her new-born child.  Of course, before the birth, there is suffering, yet as soon as the mother  holds the baby in her arms, her heart almost explodes with Joy!

This will be the same experience for us when we are overwhelmed by the power of Joy.  It is as if we become re-born as a person, and even our personality changes into one of love and appreciation.  All pain and anxiety disappear and we shine with the spirit of inward Joy.

To attain this transformation requires a deep sense of humility, realising that we are receiving a gift that we could never earn, this wonderful and powerful gift of Joy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2022


 WINTER DELIGHTS are here, and will stay with us for quite awhile.  Of course, the heavy rain and strong winds are great invitations to stay home and read and write. Such opportunities to put pen to paper and write those wonderful stories and poems that float about in our creative minds.

My first thrill of winter came in late October when the leaves began to fall from the trees, and the delight of walking in the park, through paths of golden leaves. Such colours and brightness, completely different to the bright colours of summer.

Perhaps a shopping spree will be necessary to replenish our thermal extras, and even to dream a little of a colourful scarf or outfit for Christmas. Most important of all, the meeting up of friends, hopefully without the scare of covid. For many, the new adventure of entertaining at home, helping to cut down on expenses, and have time to chat and share and learn from each other.

The highlight for me will be the preparations for Christmas, finding the hidden Crib figures and designing a new and innovative way to make the Winter Delights a way of creating new memories and pathways to welcome Mary and the Infant Child.