Saturday, June 18, 2022


 Sometimes we have a need to examine ourselves positively, and wonder are we making progress in developing our true Authentic self?

First off, what does that mean, to be My Authentic Self?  Am I not who I am, or is there an underlining question as to who I truly am?

Being of a Christian mind, one can believe without full understanding, because we have the Life of Christ to show and teach us about how to become true to our beliefs

However, because we are an authentic person, unique and individual, we can be swayed by cultural values and behave according to who we are expected to be, rather than who we truly are.

This has a much to do with our own weakness in wanting to belong and fit in, as well as the opinions of others, so what steps can we take to develop this authentic self?

I believe the answer lies in honesty and a certain humility where we are prompted by our inner voice to be true to ourselves, no matter what!

We have a Mentor / a Template given to us in the Life of Christ, to teach us how to become our Authentic Self.  So, a very positive and inspiring question to ask is this,  am I interested in becoming this wonderful caring and loving person, created by God?

Saturday, May 21, 2022


 There are times when one might want changes to happen, and perhaps long for them too much.

To anticipate what might happen in the future is often speculation, and takes us away from reality.  It is so much better to anticipate positively, and work towards it and make it happen.

Day-dreaming has its place, yet is often used incorrectly, whereas when we are positive and work towards a positive solution, anticipating all that is good, then we are on safe ground.

Like a student who has to pass an exam, yet has failed to study, there would be no point in anticipating success.

A person of Faith will know and understand that steps need to be taken to gain results.  God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves.  

Of course, being a Loving Father, He will prompt us and guide us when we are open to His loving Voice.   So important therefore that we listen well.  Inspirations will come our way, and we will be guided by LOVE!

Sunday, May 1, 2022


 Exploration denotes a willingness to explore and discover the hidden secrets of the mind and heart.  It can be a wild and wonderful interest in the knowledge of what it means to be a fully human being.

We are so diverse and often lost within ourselves that the challenge to find our true selves can take a lifetime of searching.  Perhaps, this is the greatest wonder of all.

Who am I?  What has made me who I am, and why?  To have answers to all the questions that can come our way, will teach us how to be self-aware and true.

When Christ was on Earth, he asked the people, " Who do they say that I am?"       Of course, he knew that he was the Son of God,  yet it was important that they also knew his identity.

This is a great example for us to see the importance of knowing ourselves. In this way, we make it easy for others to know us, and so, friendships can flourish.

Am I truly able to be myself, warts and all?  With good-will and grace, we all have this great ability; to remember, we are a work in progress.

Keep exploring the gift of life!

Saturday, April 23, 2022


 A Creative Mind is always open to inspiration, however it might come. Hopefully, the person who is grounded in Christian values will be able to respond to the inspirations that come from the source of goodness and love.

When God moves the heart of a person, they will surprise themselves and others, with the wisdom and knowledge that is given to them.  Often, the more relaxed and happy a person can be, the more inspired they become.

Perhaps, the image we have of a loving God will set us above our own selves. We become like a child of grace, able and willing to measure the World with eyes of love.

Whatever and however we aim at being creative, every effort we make will become a learning process where our heart and mind become as one. We are no longer in conflict with thoughts and feelings, we are liberated to an inner world of excitement and tender peace.

Sunday, March 20, 2022


 I've been reading a book by C.S. LEWIS about the qualities needed to be a real person, one who sees the value of always doing the right thing, for the right reasons. Perhaps, Fortitude is a good explanation of this kind of person.

Using today's 'language', we would say a person with GUTS,  having the courage to stick to something, no matter what the cost Whatever word may be used, I believe Fortitude says so much. 

So, where does that leave us?  Is such a quality to be found in what we do and what we say, and who we are?

When writing a story, creatively, we always want our Hero to be a person, full of courage and fortitude, willing to stand up to all the bullies of this world. Yes, we want heros in our stories / we want heros in our life!

Monday, February 28, 2022


Solidarity, what does it mean?  I wonder as I watch men from the Ukraine, who have been living in Ireland for many years and happy to be here, yet feel compelled to return to their native country, and fight for freedom.

I ask myself, would I be willing to follow their example if I was a Ukraine citizen? A tough question and yet, one that inspires bravery and solidarity.  As we in Ireland know, our freedom came from our belief that our Freedom Fighters in 1916 showed us what it means to value freedom.

It seems the whole world is united in sympathy and encouragement for these brave persons.  How would I feel if some other nation was to invade us here in Ireland?  Would I be willing to give up my life for the cause of freedom?

The whole world is looking on and if all we can do is pray and in whatever way we can, support this wonderful brave country, then let us do so with a brave heart.  We can and we must open up our borders to all who need help.

If I could look into the Mind of God, I wonder what would I be prompted to do?  Will my belief in all that is honest and good, help me to be a supporter to like -minded people, just like the early martyrs?  I wonder!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


The virtue of compassion is such a wonderful ability to have.  However, it can and does take a certain amount of effort on our part to become a truly compassionate person.

We may want to feel for another person, yet find ourselves unmoved by their plight. Even worse, we might become afraid of how their need might impinge on our lives.

A great example is the plight of the immigrants and displaced persons.  They are forced to leave their homes and at great risk, take their families to where they feel they might be safe.

Social media has highlighted so many disasters that have taken place, where they found themselves unwelcome and unwanted.  Just like the homeless people who beg for help and are regarded as a nuisence in our civilised society.

Christ presents us with the story of the good samaritan, who showed compassion for the one who was wounded, and made it his business to care for him.There was no mention of who he was or where he came from.  He was a person in need, and a compassionate heart reached out to him.

Could this be you?  Could this be me?  Love and kindness is always needed and hopefully we will be able to respond, when asked, with a compassionate heart.