Tuesday, August 28, 2018


On Sunday 26th August 2018, I became a Pilgrim along with thousands of other Irish people.
We were a strange motley of persons from OAP's / families / babies / religious; you name it, 
we were there in great spirits and willing and able to endure the long trek to the Pope's Cross in the Phoenix Park.
A prayerful excitement filled many hearts as we took our places and then went wild when 
Pope Francis came along in the Pope mobile. I screamed with delight when he came close and followed his journey around on the huge screen in front of the magnificent Altar.
He spoke with great reverence and asked for forgiveness for the many wrongs which have taken place in the Church where fallen humanity has stood in the way of  compassion and love.
Pope Francis spoke strongly about the need in the world today for Love./ for God to be present in our daily lives.
I found myself thinking of the woman in the Bible who was accused of adultery and the angry crowd who wanted to stone her to death...
Christ said, ' Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.'
Little by little, they all walked away.
Christ said, ' Has no one condemned thee?  Neither do I.  Go and sin no more.'
Great Lesson for today where there is such a hunger for blame and such a lack of forgiveness.

Friday, August 17, 2018


I was given the opportunity to see the Film on the Pope, ' Pope Francis, a man of his word '.
This is a man I have great admiration for and pray for him because he carries the responsibility of the future of the Catholic church.  Then I ask myself, 'Why?'
Why has all this responsibility been put on the shoulders of one man?
The answer is simple. The world needs a leader who is able and willing to take on the role of Christ on earth.  He represents  the God of Truth.
'I am the Way, the Truth and the Light...'
It's such a spiritual comfort for me to know that God is close to us and working through all people of good will to save the world from the power of the devil.
We, all of us, are flawed in some way or other. Even the best of good will does not diminish the fact that we are imperfect and fail and make mistakes.  
God understands our weak nature and supports us throughout our lives, if we let Him.
We have a free will, the freedom to choose love instead of hate.
Pope Francis travels the world with this message of hope, insuring us that God is with us.
His great message to the world is ,  'Choose love.  Regard ALL as our brothers and sisters...'
I strongly recommend a visit to the cinema and see this inspiring film.
God bless Pope Francis.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


As a child, I was told, Prayer is a rising up of the heart and soul to God...
I believe this and yet prayer is not always 'available' in my mind-set.
It's so much easier to talk to someone, face to face and be able to read the effect of our words on their face and body language.
When it comes to talking to God, the effect depends on the state of our soul and how strong our belief system is in relation to the Presence of God.
Simple Faith takes simple efforts.
However, Faith is not always simple.  We are complex human beings with mind/ body and spirit.
Some of the saints were even quoted as saying.  'The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.'
Perhaps, the answer to prayer is simply to pray and hold on to our innocent and almost childlike belief in the Goodness of God.
let's raise our hearts and souls to God as best we can.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thy Will be done...

A disappointment came our way.  A wise friend said, if God wants something to happen, then it will.
A few days later we were surprised with a positive letter, apologising for the disappointment.
Now all is well.
It made me realise that all we need is a little Faith.  Leave all in God's Hands, then simply do the best we can.
What a wonderful, positive approach to life.  Replace our anxieties and worries with Faith, 
Then we can understand the wisdom of St. Julian, "All is well and all will be well."

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Challenges come into our lives, at times when we don't want them.
We may prefer a life of certain comfort and peace, without disturbance.
However, true peace of mind comes when we are willing to accept the challenges and changes that come our way.
To be willing to accept is quite a big step.  Then the willingness to accept gracefully follows.
When we are willing and able to accept the uninvited 'invitations'  with peace, then we become open to the Grace of God. 
Perhaps, this is the secret of happiness and true peace of mind, simply to accept these wonderful invitations specially chosen by God for us.
What we are invited to do is accept the Will of a loving God.

Monday, July 23, 2018


To have INTEGRITY is to have a pure and honest heart, a willingness to grow in awareness of what is right and wrong in each situation we find ourselves in.
Perhaps, when we fail at being a person of integrity then we allow ourselves to be guided by the values and interests of others.  This is an easy mistake to make and yet deep within ourselves we know what is right and wrong.
Next step in being a person of integrity is to have the courage to do what we believe to be right,even at the cost of standing alone.
Good friends are essential if one is determined to be a person of good character.  We are so easily swayed by the values of the world and the environment we live in.  
A priest I knew was in the habit of saying... ' What would Christ do?'
Then in the quiet moments of our lives, we can simply say, ' I want to be a person of integrity!'
We will become what we want to be.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Somewhere I read that being diligent is a sign of good character, someone to trust.
I believe this is true because when a person is diligent, they will and do apply themselves to whatever is needed to be done.
In a family or in a community, it's a practical requirement to be as diligent as we can be and step in whenever there is a helping hand needed.
Well, in today's world, the Church is in need of helpers, people who will be diligent and helpful in a most positive way.
If we cannot offer a positive helping hand, then it may be better to wait and pray and then in time, allow ourselves to be moved by Grace.
God knows our weaknesses and allows for us being unable and even unwilling to step up to the mark.
However, if we truly believe ourselves to be people of Faith, then we will be ready and willing to be of assistance..
The Grace will come and all we have to do is go with the flow and let God move us and guide us.
Let us be diligent in listening to the inspirations that come our way and respond with a willing heart.
God loves a generous giver, as does the whole world!