Wednesday, March 22, 2017


To be a compassionate person is not always easy, in fact it can be difficult at times.
What creates  difficulties is our attachment to ourselves / our opinions / our specific way of doing things or saying things which can be so opposite to how others say and do things.
This is not a problem really if we are willing to be open to understanding, yet even more so, open to loving.
Understanding is good enough at times, yet can also be why we are at variance with others.
When we are willing to love we learn to go beyond our understanding and our own opinions. 
We learn to enter into the world of another person.
Such a blessing this is, to be able to come away from ourselves for the sake of love.
When we look at the life of Christ who had perfect understanding and imbued with the Spirit of God, we can see the benefit of going beyond the human and seeking out the soul of another person.
Compassion is the fruit of loving / of caring / of stepping away from ourselves for the sake of Love.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The person who is able to be grateful, no matter what, is rich indeed.
When we think of the reality of how much we are spoiled / spoiled with good friends / spoiled with health / spoiled with life and more especially, spoiled with the gift of Faith.
How could we not be grateful?
Perhaps there is a blind spot in each of our lives where we only see what we want to see, and so we are like someone who has lost the vision of sight, we are blind.
I can only imagine what it must be like to be unable to see / to be surrounded by darkness and left dependent on the sight of others.  It would indeed be an affliction and yet, often we may find ourselves living in a world of darkness because we don't want to see.  
We may want to fool ourselves and be guided by our selfish pride which is blind to reality.
If this should happen to us, then we can only pray for guidance and have the good will to accept the advise and help  that comes from good friends.
God is the Light of the world.  It's not God's intention that anyone should live in darkness.
The secret of having spiritual vision is based on our ability to be grateful to all that comes our way, even those things that hurt and cause pain.
A good Father will protect His children, yet He will also allow them to experience pain for the sake of Truth so we can be healed.
Gratitude is the key to happiness.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Home coming

My friend, Paul and I will be on our way home from Gran Canaria tomorrow, 14/3/2017.
It has been a long and fruitful trip for me, learning about myself and relationship with others etc.
What is especially of value is my relationship with God.
Had I begun to lose my Faith. Could it be possible for someone who enjoys going to daily Mass to somehow fall away from the core of one's believes?
I realise now that Faith is like a living organ that needs to be exercised a lot.
A living Faith is based on becoming a loving person, willing to respond to God's Will in each day of our lives. Perhaps a good help is to recognise the Presence of God in each and every person we have contact with.
After all, a true relationship is based on love in practise. God is Love!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Creative Beauty

Here in Gran Canaria, I am surrounded with Creative Beauty, man-made in many ways yet especially God made. This morning my friend and I climbed up to the Cross, a man-made monument which has become a climbing point for many people, especially tourists.
The climb up via pathway was not difficult, but the short-cut in coming down was hard, very hard for me, yet thank God, without mishap.
I will cherish this memory of standing at the foot of the Cross, remembering Calvary and our blessed Mother looking up at her Son, our Saviour. Oh, what a moving yet loving proof of God's love for us.
I will also cherish the splendid view of Anfi beach on my right and Patalavaca beach to my left.
In a way, the more we are surrounded with beauty, the more able we become in our awareness of God's presence in our lives.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Power of Love...

Yesterday, St. Valentine's day, caused me to think about Love and all the many ways we have to show that we care for each other.
I was amused at the amount of men I caught sight of, walking or rather rushing home with a bouquet of flowers to the one they love. Is it a commercial thing that wives expect husbands to display their love with flowers and chocolates?  Perhaps, and yet it is a wonderful thing to have the courage to show the one we love how much we care for them.
This got me thinking about the Power of Love and how we willingly make sacrifices for those we love. Perhaps our ability to love may be hampered by human weakness and yet, will always have a comforting and positive effect.
No wonder God displays His love for us so often, even when we don't recognise His Loving Hand behind the many good happenings in our lives.
Love, when true, does not need or look for a return.  It's enough for the Lover to love and for the receiver to receive.
If only the world could grasp the Power of Love, then what a magnificent world we would have.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spread the Good News...

After Mass this morning, Fr. Donal asked us to pray for young people who will be making their Confirmation, a commitment to their Faith.
He handed out cards with a person's first name on it and the idea is to pray especially for this young person that they will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit in their preparation for Confirmation.
I wonder how it was for myself?
Did I understand the commitment I was making, becoming a 'soldier of Christ' and opening my heart and soul to the Holy Spirit?
Of course the nuns gave us good training, explaining what it was all about and yet, did I truly understand?
I remember the fear I had of not being able to answer the Bishop's question whatever it might be...
And, the interest in receiving new clothes...
Did I dwell on the importance of my commitment or even understand it?  Perhaps in some small way I did. This makes me realise that God never pushes us to do good, yet will inspire and draw by the good we see in others.
We learn from others and hopefully they learn from us.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Community Spirit

Living in Community is such a blessing.  
When people live in unity and are bonded by the same high values then it becomes a treasure and must be protected at all times.
The danger can often be found when we put our own interests before the common good.
We can't deny that human nature can be selfish and want to please self and yet we also know the value of love, of caring for another person / persons.
God has instilled in each one of us the ability to love.
This ability needs to be fostered and matured.  This way we are guided by Truth, not feelings.
Each person has an inner voice / a conscience that will guide and protect so that one is not swayed by a temptation to see only one's own interests.
When we live for the common good, we are happy and free to be our true selves.
Community life gives the foundation and opportunities to become a loving person, open to all that is good and especially open to doing God's Will at all times.