Thursday, June 15, 2017

Loving Weakness...

Whenever we are weak, it could be physical / mental / spiritual, we are vulnerable.
Somehow, life becomes more difficult and challenging and our wish could well be to rid ourselves of this state of weakness which seems to be robbing us of our happiness.
This is a natural way to look at weakness, whatever form it takes...  and yet...
The idea of loving weakness is our answer.
When we decide to accept our weak state, to embrace it and love it, then we are free.
A transformation takes place within our heart and mind and soul.
We are then given an inner strength and awareness of how this weakness is really a blessing.
God loves us. He does not burden us.  
Whatever challenge in the form of weakness comes our way is not an affliction.
Our weakness is a Gift.
Our ability to love our weakness will be our saving Grace.
Gratitude for weakness becomes the Gateway to happiness.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Today is special in many ways.
We are hosting a TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF day in our SOL Studio here in Wicklow.
It's a celebration of sorts where people can relax and give  special time to their mind/ body/ spirit.
It's like a Retreat, not in the manner we might know of... 
A Gift for oneself and a recharging of the batteries to help us become a more focused and loving person.
Stress seems to play a big part in people's lives today and it's such a shame that we are not more aware of our need for Peace of Mind and  time out to relax.
Gabrielle will lead us with a Guided Meditation session.
Veronica has planned a Healthy Food Demo and lovely Lunch.
Seamus will invite us to join him in a relaxing Flute Concert, using his own compositions.
In a way, we are sharing our Life style with those interested in coming.

I've great hopes for a Good Day.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Creative Mind

Perhaps all of us are endowed with a Creative Mind, an ability to discover 'Beauty' and share it with others.
If we are an artist then we will be diligent in putting beauty into our talent whatever it might be.
A trip to the National Art Gallery is a wonderful place to study paintings and marvel at the originality that is displayed there.
My main interest is in Writing and so I often find myself over-awed as I step into our Library and view walls and walls of books by Creative Writers / fiction / non-fiction / poetry / travel books / science fiction / biographies  etc.
There seems to be no end to the creative imagination of writers.  And this is a good thing.
When we find out what our passion is as regards being creative, then we owe it to ourselves to work passionately at what we are passionate about. 
I believe if we are truthful as regards our passions then we can allow God to step into our lives and guide us through whatever gifts He has already given us.
Some writers say that when they are in flow, their creative work seems to almost write itself.
When we know that God is with us then we are free to be guided by His inspirations.
What a wonderful way to expand our Creative Mind.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Have Faith...

In this strange and yet wonderful world of ours, it's such a gift to have Faith.
To believe that God loves each and every one of us .
No matter what happens in life, this compassionate love of God helps us to deal with pain and suffering of whatever kind that comes our way.
It may not always be easy to simply say, I believe and yet this very belief is what sustains us when we are weak.
To know that God loves us is a powerful strength in time of weakness.
To know that we love God is strength in action.
Have Faith...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

LOVE overcomes ALL

When we decide to live a good life and be of a spiritual mind, then we can know and realise that all and everything in our lives can lead us to God.
People might be confounded by suffering and wonder why?
Why does a Loving God allow us to suffer?
It is a mystery at times and of course we would love to go through life without suffering and yet, perhaps the best times in our lives are brought about by some kind of pain...
i.e. a mother giving birth to her child...
or an accident that causes a person to become more aware of the meaning of life...
Each one of us have a story to tell where suffering added a certain quality to our lives.
We may not want the suffering and yet,  we have a need for the learning that follows our pain.
The best lesson of all is learning the value of Love and knowing there is a price to pay.
Love overcomes ALL!.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dealing with Weakness...

Dealing with Weakness is not easy, perhaps because it's not easy to love to be weak.
However, the positive side to weakness is found in St. Paul's writing...
'When I am weak, then I am strong...'
How could this be?  Surely when we are weak, that's it, and yet there is a lesson to be learned through the experience of weakness.
Weakness teaches us how to have a good look at ourselves, which we may not like at first.
Then, our love for Truth will help us to see that when we are weak it's because we want to be strong.
Is that a bad thing?  No, not bad yet may not be honest.
The Spiritual mind will realise that Weakness is a blessing in disguise, teaching us the Truth about
ourselves and so we are made strong in a positive and truthful way.
We realise that God is our strength and so when we rely on God we allow Him to become our Strength.
Dealing with Weakness positively will lead us to God's Love for us.

Monday, May 15, 2017


There is a story about Christ and how He became angry in the Temple with the money-changers and how they had turned the House of God into a market place...
We are told NOT to be angry and yet I understand how Christ was protecting God's House of Prayer.
For myself, anger comes when I feel a situation is unjust.  
This would be my opinion which may not be totally aware of the truth in a situation, so I can be wrong in my judgement of whatever is happening.
Of course, I could be right too and yet, I realise now that what is most important is kindness and patience and love.
To the Just person, God will be Just.
To the Loving person, God will be Love.
We choose.