Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saint Patrick...

Today is Saint Patrick's day, 17th March and a special day here in Ireland and so many places all over the world where Irish people live.
I watched the Parade taking place in Dublin and was impressed with the bright colours and talents of all the people who took part, especially on such a cold, wintry day.
Yet, a part of me was sad....  This day is celebrating a man who helped to bring the Faith to Ireland many years ago.  He was brave, coming back to a country where he had been treated as a slave.
It was his love for the Irish people that prompted him to dedicate his life, sharing his Faith and his love for God with us.
Strange, at the Parade, no mention of Patrick the Saint...  
I wonder have we forgotten to be grateful for the gift of Faith.
Do we still value this Gift?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


'In Wisdom You have made them all...'
A line from the book of Psalms which tells us that God has created us in Wisdom and with Wisdom,
a great knowledge to know and believe in.
In our lives there are many decisions and choices to make and when we are 'connected' to this wonderful gift of wisdom then we will and do make the right choices.
There is a childhood prayer that also comes to mind...
'Come Oh Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful...'
We are surrounded by a spiritual world of willing helpers, it would it foolish not to avail of the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit!

Saturday, March 3, 2018


After being confined indoors for the past few days, thanks to Storm Emma, the whole concept of freedom comes to mind.
Freedom is the ability to go forward with our lives, depending on health of mind and body.
We gain an awareness of the value of freedom when we feel unable to do what we would like, especially when the forces of nature seem to imprison us.
All this is true and yet freedom is the ability to be true to ourselves and our beliefs.
Here in Ireland we have the freedom to follow our Faith and be true to our beliefs.
God doesn't over-burden us with commands that we cannot practise.
The greatest commandment of all is to Love one another.
We have the freedom and the ability to love.  All we need to do is put it into practise.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Blanket of Snow

Today is 2nd March 2018 and Wicklow is covered with a blanket of Snow!
Code red alert to all the country and a constant blizzard as the falling snow is pushed forward in an easterly direction, just as the Weather people say.
Beautiful to look at and to admire the 'lace' curtains on the outside of the windows as we sit in the comfort of our home.
Such a delight to be warm and yet free to admire the force of nature, with constant snow falling.
I wonder how it must have been for people years ago who had to travel in the snow just to survive.
Perhaps we have become a 'soft' nation, used to our comforts and having a warm place to live.
And yet, what are children looking for?  Sleighs so they can get out in the snow and have fun!
The child in each one of us is looking forward to dress up in wellies and raincoats and enjoy this strange and beautiful weather.
 Keep warm and keep happy and a big thank you to our Divine Provider.


Friday, February 23, 2018

What I like most about life...

What I like most about life is ...  CHANGE
Of course I don't always embrace change or even like ti, yet to be able to love change is such a positive approach to life.
Change happens whether we like it or not.
To love Change is different. 
This is a choice on our part i.e. my favourite cup just got smashed...  my favourite shoes leak!
My body bulges in all the wrong places / My best friend no longer likes me etc etc.
To be realistic, we are created to develop, to blossom, to decay and fade away..
Nature is a perfect example of  how change happens: Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter.
Nature depends on change to develop and show off its beauty.
We depend on change to help us develop into a more spiritual person.
It's a constant growth, inspiring us forward until we burst with Joy!
Embrace Change.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Heart of Ireland

It was a new experience for me to take part in the Divine Mercy Conference in RDS last weekend.
My friend, Seamus, was promoting his Celtic / Meditation music of which I am a keen fan.
What would it be like?  Who would be there and why?
The first answer I got was from watching a woman who began to open up her haversack, take out a flask and container of sandwiches and gladly partake.  
I soon noticed many like her who had travelled from all over the country to be there at the Conference. They didn't come to represent the 'Glamour' of Ireland,  no, to me they were representing the 'Heart' of Ireland.
God bless them and all of us.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Become a Lover...

For the New Year, I've promised myself to focus on my writing skills. 
It's a good thing to have determination to stick to our goals and work each day at what we love to do.
Perhaps the emphasis is really on LOVE... 
We have a necessity, both physically and mentally to work / to apply ourselves etc.
However it's important that whatever we fill our lives with is what we love to do.
Put LOVE first.