Sunday, January 13, 2019

Above all, Love!

In this busy world of ours, we can so easily get caught up with many things. This is where our ability to choose is vital, especially if we want to develop a spiritual life and value our peace of mind.
A simple question can be, 'will this lead me closer to God, or not.'
The truth is simple and also the answers we receive, if we are able to choose, and choose wisely.
The world is a wonderful place and we are naturally attracted to what gives 'colour' to our lives, yet we must be careful and honest and ask ourselves, is this how I want to spend my life?
The greatest treasure is this life is found in developing a relationship with God.
He has presented us with His human nature in Christ so now we are invited to fall in love with Him.

Friday, January 4, 2019


No matter who we are or where we are, we are interested in being happy.
At times this is an easy chore as all we have to do is be who we are and have an interest in those around us.
This is self-evident in people who put happiness as a priority in their lives.
It means we are willing and able to work at being happy.
No frills or great drama, just learning to be ourselves and allowing others to be their selves too.
When we venture into the spiritual life, we can often find ourselves faced with difficulties in relation to ourselves.  For some reason, our happiness skills can be faulty or at least we become aware of the common flaws that are found in our nature and personality.
No worries. This is the best time to turn to God and let Him know we need help.
When we ask for guidance then it will be given to us.
Often, we can be surprised at the simplicity and ease of mind that we receive.
Perhaps, now is a good time, beginning a New Year to renew our confidence and belief in just how much God loves us.
'Ask and you will receive....'
Could it be easier?  Do we need to get lost in thoughts that confuse us?
Simply turn to God and be surprised at the experience of Love that we can and will receive.

Friday, December 28, 2018

A Caring Heart...

We live in a world that is wonderful and yet flawed, just as we ourselves are.
Perhaps it's our uniqueness that makes us so special and yet can cause conflict with others.  We are created to love and to care for each other and yet, do we?
Our failures as regards love can often be simple misunderstandings or our ability not to see or feel how another person sees and feels.
It seems to me that what makes most sense is to have a caring heart.
When we care for one another then we will learn to love one another.
Mistakes happen and we may not understand another person's point of view.
However, once we have a caring heart, then all will be well, and all is well.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


The value of quiet time is self-evident. Just watch a mother with her child, holding, touching, looking… no words are necessary. This quiet time is enveloped in love.
For most of us in our busy lives, we may forget the value of taking time out to appreciate those we love. No expensive presents are needed. The gift we give is ourselves, our time, our interest.
In the spiritual life, we are invited to take time out, for ourselves. To show appreciation for the gift of life, the uniqueness of our being, how special we are. Strangely enough, it’s only when we are loving, in giving and doing that we learn to appreciate the value of our own uniqueness. We are special, a once-off masterpiece, created by the Master himself.

Preparing for Christmas

It's possible that every home in the Country will be preparing for Christmas.
The big question will center on shopping and what to buy for those we love.
Yet, it's good to think about the whole purpose of Christmas time, to remember that we are celebrating a Birthday, the birth of the Infant Child.
If we are fortunate enough to have a Crib in our home or Church then we have a centre-point
to help us focus on Christ coming into the world to be our guide and yet, why come as a baby?
Surely the world needs a Leader who can help us to know right from wrong and stand up for all that is good and honorable?
Yes, we have a need for leadership and strangely enough the Infant Child is the best example that we can have.  Someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable, coming as a baby totally
needful for everything and trusting that mankind will respond to His Father's love for them.
Am I willing to be one of these people?
Good to know we become who and what we love.

Christmas Day 2018

How time flies, already Christmas day has come and such a joy to celebrate with friends the Birth of Christ.
It's such a mystery that God presents Himself as a vulnerable Infant Child, totally dependent on His Mother and husband Joseph to take care of Him.
The love of a mother is known and lauded by the World and yet, Mary was very young and she and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to be registered without thought of Mary's condition and how long the journey would take.
They came to Bethlehem as strangers and had to beg for a place to stay.  The Inn was full, yet some kind person told them about the stable. The manger became the cradle and a cow and donkey became their means of keeping warm.  
How did Mary manage?  Had they any food?  Questions we can only ask and hope the arrival of the shepherds who came to adore the Infant Child, could also help the Blessed Virgin. We know the story without full reality.
Perhaps, Divine Intervention through Angelic persons were there to assist too.
What impresses me most is God's love in sending His Son to help save the world. Thank you God!

Friday, December 21, 2018

The Shortest Day

Today, 21st December 2018 is the shortest day of the year.
From now on the days can only get longer and yet it's really what we put into our day that makes it long or short.
If I sit dreaming about writing , then at the end of the day, I only have my dream of writing.
When I put pen to paper ( fingers to the keyboard) then I begin to make progress.
I become productive.
Life is all about being productive and having regard and value on our time.
Without pressure, we can achieve a lot and be happy with ourselves.
Perhaps this is the secret of a happy life, value each moment and give of our best.