Wednesday, August 16, 2017

God knows best...

I wonder does God smile down on us at times?
I had great plans for today, yet woke up with tummy bug and limited energy. 
Disappointed as there is so much creativity I wish to do / to learn / to share etc.
Then it occurred to me that God knows best.
If I am unable to do something in one way or other, then I just pass it on to Him.
Perhaps all my plans etc would just be in the way of Divine Inspirations?
So now I will relax and link up with the Mind of God,  Ask / Pray / Relax.
God knows best.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


It's such a strange thing to say, Love Weakness, and yet it's so powerful and amazing the results of doing so.
We are weak, simply because we are not perfect and so our imperfections often trip us up.
Of course, we would love to be perfect.
We can spend our lives aiming at perfection and winding up frustrated by our imperfections.  
What a pity.
Our Lord says, 'Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father...'
I believe our Lord advises us to be perfect in Love and this can be achieved even though we might find ourselves full of weakness.
When we love weakness, truly accept how weak we are, we also become aware of the value of being weak.  St Paul is quoted as saying, 'In my weakness I find my strength...'
He understood what Love was all about and how we learn to love when we find our strength in God.
However limited our awareness might be, we can easily see how our very imperfections can be the means of producing Love.
If I believe I am perfect, then I don't need anybody or anything.  How awful that would be.
Often when we are weak, we learn more easily to bond with others.
There are so many proofs of the benefit of loving weakness. It just takes good will to find out.
Love weakness!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Love always...

There are times when we might feel so full of love that our heart feels ready to burst.
What a wonderful experience, and yet, there are times when we might feel the opposite.
This is a good time then to realise that feelings don't create love...
Love comes about when we are at peace with ourselves and open and willing to reach out to others.
This happens when we allow God to be the centre of our lives.
When God is our mentor and adviser then we know what to do and say and be.
We become a person who is aware of all that is good in life and unafraid of what is not.
Christ tells us, 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...'
As long as we focus on this Truth, then Love is be foremost in our lives and we will love always!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Let God in...

I was reading a lovely piece of advise from St. Therese and found it very encouraging.
"Holiness is much more about self-surrender than of zeal and the practise of virtues."
In a nut shell, Therese was sharing her spirituality of love.
We may think that we are responsible for becoming a saint / gifted with holiness, yet we will be
surprised to find out that we are being carried by God's Love for us.
It doesn't mean that we stop making efforts to love and be a virtuous person.
It simply means that we grow in awareness of just how much God loves us and meets us where we are at, however and wherever that might be.
If I were to bemoan my lack of holiness, then I would be occupied with myself.
This would close the door of my heart to love and caring for others.
Whereas when we reach out and open our hearts to God's Love for us, we let God into our lives.
It seems almost too simple, to simply LET  GOD  IN!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Do not be Afraid...

The Gospel last Sunday was powerful with Our Lord reminding us, NOT TO BE AFRAID!
Perhaps this is a flaw in human nature, a form of weakness that keeps us from doing what God would inspire us to do.
We may not like to think of ourselves as cowardly / someone who is subject to fear, and yet it creeps into all of our lives in almost secret ways that we not even be fully aware of.
Our Positive nature wants us to push forward and discard all and everything that would make us afraid. This is good  and yet  are we ever totally devoid of fear?
The Apostles were in the company of Christ.  They witnessed His miracles and wonderful Powers and yet, they were subject to fear...  Why?
I believe that God has created us with a nature that has yet to meet its fulfilment.
God looks at our good will and loves us, yet will also challenge us to become a better person.
One simple way to respond to God is to overcome our fears.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Loving Weakness...

Whenever we are weak, it could be physical / mental / spiritual, we are vulnerable.
Somehow, life becomes more difficult and challenging and our wish could well be to rid ourselves of this state of weakness which seems to be robbing us of our happiness.
This is a natural way to look at weakness, whatever form it takes...  and yet...
The idea of loving weakness is our answer.
When we decide to accept our weak state, to embrace it and love it, then we are free.
A transformation takes place within our heart and mind and soul.
We are then given an inner strength and awareness of how this weakness is really a blessing.
God loves us. He does not burden us.  
Whatever challenge in the form of weakness comes our way is not an affliction.
Our weakness is a Gift.
Our ability to love our weakness will be our saving Grace.
Gratitude for weakness becomes the Gateway to happiness.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Today is special in many ways.
We are hosting a TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF day in our SOL Studio here in Wicklow.
It's a celebration of sorts where people can relax and give  special time to their mind/ body/ spirit.
It's like a Retreat, not in the manner we might know of... 
A Gift for oneself and a recharging of the batteries to help us become a more focused and loving person.
Stress seems to play a big part in people's lives today and it's such a shame that we are not more aware of our need for Peace of Mind and  time out to relax.
Gabrielle will lead us with a Guided Meditation session.
Veronica has planned a Healthy Food Demo and lovely Lunch.
Seamus will invite us to join him in a relaxing Flute Concert, using his own compositions.
In a way, we are sharing our Life style with those interested in coming.

I've great hopes for a Good Day.