Monday, October 16, 2017


Such a nice, stylish name and she certainly was that.
She came to visit us on Sunday 15th October 2017 and we will never forget her.
My mind was on other, more creative endeavours at the time so I paid little mind to her until I received the phone calls...
'She's on her way, so you better take care. Do not let her intrude on your home and life...'
Of course, she did make her presence felt in rather a big, rough way.  Then, I began to take notice. 
It was time to find out exactly who she was and why she was coming to Ireland from God knows where...
'RED ALERT / RED ALERT!  Warnings came rushing in as did the hurricane force of her impact on our beautiful, wild atlantic coast.  If that wasn't bad enough, she decided to take on the whole country itself. 
Such boldness and total disregard for us not wanting her to come visiting, at all.
 Good advice was given...  Be prepared for her visit, then as best you can, stay home and ignore her brash and rash behaviour.
She'll get tired of being unwanted and go off with herself, hopefully not to trouble someone else.
Goodbye Ophelia and good riddance!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


To be inspired is the yearning and dream of all creative people.
Is it a special feeling or atmosphere that we step into and so inspiration follows?
Perhaps where we are and how we feel does play a part to how much we are inspired and yet,
I believe true inspiration comes from deep within, the state of our soul.
When I am true to myself and open and willing to allow the real me to be seen, without guile or pretence, then I believe I am in a state of grace and inspiration will follow suit.
Whatever artistic talent we pursue, writing / painting / cooking etc. there is a need to be honest about the efforts we make to allow our talent to grow.
As a writer, do I write each day?  Special time or place?
As a painter, am I mindful of the beauty that surrounds our lovely planet and the people within.
As a cook / chef,  am I scrupulous about the ingredients I use?
Inspirations flow like a river, yet can only be caught by the diligent fisher!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Creative Mind...

Having a Creative mind is natural for us.
Just look at children at play and how they use their creative mind to imagine all kinds of things.
A chair can become a truck or a train / a table becomes a house or tent / a large box becomes a hiding place, all depending on how they play in the present moment.
Perhaps as we grew older, yet not necessarily wiser, we can forget the value of creativity, so a simple and easy way to open up the creative mind is to take pen to paper and write down the thoughts that come to us in this given present moment.
No need to ponder or spend time using methods to express our thoughts, simply write them down.
If possible, find a quiet place / a quiet time.
Give our active mind a rest.  Have fun and simply write!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Be healthy / wealthy / wise...

In a world of plenty, we can find ourselves wanting more and more.
Strange...  when we believe ourselves to be poor, we can actually find it easier to be happy.
Perhaps it's all to do with our value system.
If having a big house and beautiful car is regarded as the best one can have, then it's possible we are looking for our happiness in the wrong place.
To be healthy and willing to look after our body is a form of wealth.
No money in the world can compensate for ill health.
To be wealthy depends on our value system.
Having the freedom to cycle out in the country and enjoy the natural pleasures of nature is wealth.
To be wise is a challenge and a willingness on our part to have an objective point of view.
Wisdom is often born of struggle and pain and so, so rewarding.
So what about it... Be healthy / wealthy / wise!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Keep smiling...

We live in a world of unique and gifted people.
Last night was Culture Night in Wicklow and I guess everywhere in Ireland too.
One of the many performances was in the Dominican Chapel which is blessed with many stained glass windows by Harry Clarke, a genius in his given craft.
Musicians / singers / choirs took part to make it a magical evening for all those who came to listen and enjoy.
This is just a small picture of the wonderfully talented people of Ireland.
We have a lot to smile about, so please, keep smiling!

Saturday, September 16, 2017


It's not always easy to forgive, especially when we feel hurt by the words or actions of another person.  It might even feel out of the question to do so.
Why should I forgive?
The answer, if we reflect for a moment in peaceful silence, is because we want to be free!
There is a great freedom given to us when we are able and willing to forgive someone who has hurt us, willingly or unwillingly..  
The hurt could be something great or something small. No matter, what matters most is that we can come away from the hurtful feelings inside and openly forgive the wrong done to us.
Feelings can be deceitful and may even be untrue, yet the truth remains that we 'feel' hurt.
Freedom is the prize that we aim for when we are of a good heart and are willing to forgive.
Perhaps one of the persons we may also need to forgive is ourselves.
The action may be unwarranted, yet the hurt feeling is real.
A forgiving heart heals All! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy am I...

What a wonderful statement to make, ' Happy am I... '
No matter what happens in our lives, we can always put love first and say to ourselves, Happy am I.
When our image of God is that of a loving Father, then we are reassured that we are worthy of love and so we are able to love.
Good days come our way and also days that bring about anxiety and worry.
Never mind, we are called to be saints and yet we can allow ourselves to a 'work in progress'.
Being imperfect and making mistakes does not trouble God,  only us and our opinion of ourselves.
Put anxiety aside and focus on being a happy person.
This is how we show our love for God and each other too.