Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Somewhere I read that being diligent is a sign of good character, someone to trust.
I believe this is true because when a person is diligent, they will and do apply themselves to whatever is needed to be done.
In a family or in a community, it's a practical requirement to be as diligent as we can be and step in whenever there is a helping hand needed.
Well, in today's world, the Church is in need of helpers, people who will be diligent and helpful in a most positive way.
If we cannot offer a positive helping hand, then it may be better to wait and pray and then in time, allow ourselves to be moved by Grace.
God knows our weaknesses and allows for us being unable and even unwilling to step up to the mark.
However, if we truly believe ourselves to be people of Faith, then we will be ready and willing to be of assistance..
The Grace will come and all we have to do is go with the flow and let God move us and guide us.
Let us be diligent in listening to the inspirations that come our way and respond with a willing heart.
God loves a generous giver, as does the whole world!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Step forward...

Life can be easy or hard, depending on how we look at it and the efforts we make to be happy.
For some people life will always be a challenge and challenges can be good.
We can choose to accept them as a positive step forward in becoming a fulfilled person.
I believe that we are meant to be centred on God, our Creator.
Then it becomes easy to step forward with our lives and respond to the many invitations that come our way.
We might well be astonished to realise how much we are receiving every day.
To those who are of a spiritual mind, life becomes an exciting adventure in learning to live as a  loving person.
It's a choice and we are free to choose, to believe and be moved by the Power of Love.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I lost something of importance which caused worry and concern. 
I was disappointed  and accused myself of being careless which didn't help.  
I shared my loss with a friend who reminded my of celebrating failure.  
Celebrate failure of being careless?  We did and I was able to let go of my loss,  at least in my mind.
Next I received a gift, a new handbag !  Such a loving gesture and I was reminded of how abundant
God is and how we can be with each other.
To finish my story, I found what I had lost and now realise how much I have gained .
I feel like the lost lamb who received all the love and compassion of the Shepard!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Adventure is often sought in many ways;  we like to do new things / go to new places / meet new people etc.
I wonder, is that what adventure is all about?
New things / places / people can lead to new experiences and will add a sense of adventure to our lives; and yet, often the best adventures come when we delve into a spiritual life and begin to gain knowledge of ourselves and what our purpose in life is all about.
Perhaps the best adventures take place when we go 'inside ourselves' and discover the wonder and beauty of the soul.
We can be beautiful or not  / intelligent or not /  gifted or not.  It really doesn't matter.
What matters most is how we connect with the 'inner us' and grow in awareness of the beauty of God within.

Monday, April 30, 2018


We are and will be challenged in life; for some, the challenges can be enormous.
For others it can appear as if life is just a happy event with very little obstacles to be overcome.
The Truth of Life is that we are all faced with the challenge of overcoming ourselves; our imperfect nature and learn to be a loving and caring person.
It would be wonderful if it came easy for us to change and simply accept the challenges that invite us to grow and develop, able and willing to live by what is truthful.
Is it possible?  
Can we live by what is truthful, always?
I believe LIFE is an adventure, teaching us how to reach for all that is good and beautiful.
Of course we fail and often don't even know where we are failing...
God is good.  Like a loving Father, God will prompt us and guide us and help us to be a whole and loving person.
How this comes about is through the challenges that come into our lives.
How we respond is up to us; the good choices we make will form us into this loving/caring person.
Let's respect and have an open mind to each challenge as it is presented to us.
Work with God!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Be Happy...

It can happen in life that we become so focused on who we want to be / where we want to be etc. that we forget to be happy...
Could it be a misplaced mindset that becoming and going mean more than being, simply being a happy person.
Living a spiritual life would seem to be laced with challenges and yet, we have the wisdom of saintly persons advising us to be child-like!
Perhaps this is the invitation to look for and respond to, to enjoy life and be happy, just like a child.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Spiritual Mind

Developing a spiritual mind presents us with an invitation to look at life from a new perspective.
Does God exist?
Is God a loving Person who cares about each one of us?
Are we interested in knowing about this God of Love?
How can we be in touch with this Divine Person?
For some, this might seem unreal and yet, in each one of us is a desire to know and love God.
St. Augustine was a young, intelligent man who loved learning and loved life.
When he became aware of the Presence of God, he was dumb-founded.
He is quoted as saying, 'Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord and our hearts are restless till they rest in Thee.'
The saints have come to experience this reality of being one with God, an invitation that is offered to each one of us by our interest in  having a spiritual mind.