Friday, July 10, 2020


When Covid-19 made a rude appearance in our country, we were faced with a certain fear and almost an awareness of something evil.
Our lives were being invaded by an enemy and in certain ways we could feel powerless to fight this enemy because it was invisible.
However, the powers that be were able to access the danger and work out ways that we could protect ourselves.
There would be sacrifices and the main one at first seemed to be keeping away from each other.  Where normally a kind greeting could and would be made with a hug and close contact, now that had to be forfeited.
Instructions were given and we were strongly advised to adhere to all recommendations, especially the washing of hands and careful hygiene methods.
Masks and gloves were introduced and caused more distance between people.
Two meters apart became a law to be obeyed and the worst of all, the knowledge that this unseen enemy was targeting older people, those more vulnerable and likely to become ill and even die.
I'm so grateful to the Irish people for stepping up to the mark and paying attention to all the recommendation made so those who are the weakest in the country can be protected.
In a way, this is the Christian message, to love one another and there are so many examples of this love, even to the heroic, through the Frontline workers and many, many people who have made it their business to look out for and help elderly persons in the community.
Perhaps, for each one of us, the call has been to go 'inward' and develop our relationship with our Creator; to recognize our need for God and learn to be at peace with ourselves.
A universal Retreat is taking place to help us to become more aware of what is important in life; to love and to be happy and free from stress.
There's no need to go back to how things used to be.  We are being invited to make a new beginning !

Monday, July 6, 2020


Wisdom is found where truth and simplicity live..
It's easy to be wise when one knows the right thing to do, yet often we don't know and so we need to be wise.. 
It's like what people say...  no point in closing the gate, after the horse has bolted!
Perhaps this is true and yet, so much wisdom is gained by our mistakes and failings.  When we fail, we can be upset and feel bad about ourselves...
This might be a normal response, yet not a healthy or wise decision.
A wise choice is to be glad and realize that our failures are lessons, teaching us how to become a better and wiser person.
After all, we are not perfect, yet are encouraged to become perfect in who we are and what we do.
A wise person will be able to learn quickly from failures and mistakes and regard them as a 'teacher'  teaching one how to become a perfected being.
A spiritual-minded person will be able to see God's Hand in all that comes their way and realize that God's compassionate love is to be found in the good use one makes of failure.
Such wisdom is gained when we love our weaknesses and are open to learn from every failing that come our way.

Sunday, July 5, 2020


Children love surprises and I guess we all do, depending on what the surprises are.
Covid-19 was a big surprise and still is.  We find ourselves uncomfortable with people, even family and are cautioned to keep a safe distance at all times.
Living in Community has made this easy for me. We don't go around hugging each other as our friendship is based on our 'inner us' where we are an encouragement to each other and promote positive thinking and speaking.
Where God is concerned, all persons belong to His family and He regards us as brothers and sisters, with a commandment to love one another as God loves us.
Now where does Surprises come into the picture?
Well, a loving father will love to surprise his children and God is no different. In fact, the love a father has for his family is based on God's compassionate love for us.
If we love surprises, then let us allow God to surprise us.  We may not always like the surprises that come our way, yet we can be confident they will be the very best and most essential surprises we could imagine, coming from Perfect Love

Monday, June 29, 2020

Move with the Times...

Being able to move with the times and adapt to changes that can and will happen is a wise approach to life.
It's so easy to snuggle into a state of security and safety and not want to move out and face the world and challenges that will come our way.
However, life itself will move us forward and it's good sense to adapt quickly.
The Covid 19 scare has frightened a lot of people and now they may even be afraid to leave their safe homes...
However, let's be guided by a spirit of courage and willingness to go forward.
Can we?  Will we be safe?  Perhaps yes and perhaps no and yet life is calling us to move forward and live and love and be happy.
God is always with us and we can always be with Him.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Positive versus Negative...

It would seem to be the problem in most people's lives, the battle between the Positive versus the Negative...
Being a positive person protects us from discouragement and certain failures that stem from our ego and pride.  
Of course, we are frail at times and to put it bluntly, negative.
We want to complain against wrong-doing and point out mistakes we believe others are doing.
However, complaining in itself is negative and so can rob us of our desire and efforts to be positive.
A truly positive person is one who is wise in protecting this positive spirit that allows one to be productive and forward-thinking.  
The answer to being a positive and like-able person is found in diligence and building up our awareness of when we are tempted to be negative.
When we look at the life of Christ and use Him as a guide, then we will learn to look for and find a positive solution to all that pertains to our lives.
Lets choose to be a cheerful and positive person!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

God first!

In these strange times where fear may be as prevalent as Covid 19, it's good to focus on what is most important in our lives, being a spiritual person and having a close relationship with God, our Creator.
Looking at the history of the world, even in these days,  there are so many wrongs and often injustices that one could become taken up with fighting for what is right.
Perhaps, some people are called to spear-head groups and ways that will make it easier for others and yet, most of us are called to live our faith and trust in the truth that we are guided and supported by God's Loving Hand.
Constantly, Christ asked us and encouraged us to  'Fear not...'
I ask myself, what can I do?  What can each person do alone?
Our greatest weapon is our trust and belief that God is above all and will never desert us, never let us down.
So, fear not, simply put God first in our lives and all will be well.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


It's possible for each person to realize their authenticity and become true to themselves in who they are and all that they do
It's also possible for us to be influenced by others, perhaps even those we admire and love and become false to ourselves.  
It may seem to be okay because we admire the good qualities in another person and so we want to be like them.
It's not so easy to avoid doing this because we learn so much from others and especially those we love and care about and yet, to be authentic is our calling.
Authenticity is the door to grace and inspiration.
By all means, learn from those who show us how to be a better and more loving self, yet follow the path of grace and be inspired by God to be true to the person that He has created.
In the spiritual world, we have the wonderful example of St. Francis of Assisi showing us the road to a life of Poverty and then, St. Dominic who shows us a life dedicated to Preaching the Gospel.
Their lives will always be an inspiration to read about and yet, I must be me!