Wednesday, May 22, 2019


The luxury of having my own room comes with a price as I have learned to my cost.
Perhaps it's because what it contains is regarded as mine results in a huge conflict within myself.  Little and not so little objects creep in, especially my love for books. Not to mention clothes for special occasions ( acting etc.)
The answer to my dilemma can be solved easily if one was able to simply let go and discard my 'darlings' whatever they might be.
I guess this is what life is all about, moving forward and being open to change.
My desire to change will take time and yet I realize it only takes one step at a time, baby steps and hopefully I will run forward!  
The willingness to let go and leave room for what is essential must be done.
In a way, it's like 'dying to self' as one learns in developing a spiritual life.
Most important is having more time for one's relationship with God.
This is where Prayer and Discipline will be my saving Grace!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Begin again...

My efforts to write a book have resulted in a huge awareness of my lack of technical skills.
I want so badly to simply put pen to paper and yet when my computer mis-behaves ( is it the computer or the operator?) I find myself lost in a world of frustration.
Do I really have something to say or am I just playing with words and fooling myself into believing that my desire to put pen to paper will result in a good, finished book!
Coming away from my frustration and discouragement, I realize that writing a book, or indeed taking on any project is a positive effort to move forward.
First and foremost I am learning about myself and my impatience in dealing with problems.  
What is life all about if not a learner's guide to self-discovery.
I can be annoyed at my inabilities OR I can become a student of life.
What better way to face the truth about ourselves than to take on a project that stretches us and forces us to become better than we are.
Patience comes with facing impatience.
Courage comes with facing our many ways of avoiding a challenge.
Knowledge comes from knuckling in and learning to overcome obstacles.
At the end of it all is the wonderful realization that one is learning to love life!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Courage is a great gift to have, to be able to grasp Life as presented in each moment and respond with a positive spirit.
To be a courageous person is more simple than we might think. 
How we feel does not make us who we are because how we respond actively is the person we become.
Feelings are like the weather, up and down.
We may feel afraid or unable to face certain things, yet no worries.
Courage is a positive response to each invitation presented to us.
Remember, we are never alone.
We have God with us, always.
We just need to lean on the Courage of God and move forward!

'Courage, do not stumble
though the way at night be dark
There's a Light to guide the humble
Trust in God and do the right.'

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Living in Ireland is a great help towards looking on each day as a Fresh Start.
Perhaps what helps most is the weather, always changing.
I love the whole idea of making a fresh start each morning, just by looking out the window and taking on board what the weather is like...
Spring / Summer / Autumn  / Winter  can come in just one day here in this lovely country of ours.  How could you not love it!
The Spiritual life can be just like the weather, always changing and surprising us each day.
No matter how determined we are to follow a certain pattern which is solid and safe, we may find ourselves in the winter of darkness OR surprised to find ourselves blossoming in the summer of sunshine.
I like Spring because it seems to open up new avenues of grace where one is invited to reach out and enjoy new beginnings happening in nature and in our souls too.
Autumn can be challenging as we learn to let go and depend more on God working through us. 
Yes, the determination to open up our hearts and soul to God and continue to make a Fresh Start each day.

Monday, April 22, 2019


Easter is a time for new beginnings, to let go the past and embrace the future.
Perhaps what is most important is to live in each present moment.
With great ceremony and celebration we have renewed our belief in the 
Risen Christ and the wonderful awareness of God's love for us.
To go forward means to take on the image of Christ and say YES to all that God might ask of us.
This bond of trust is our redeeming factor.
Walk with God and become the fruit of Easter!

Thursday, April 4, 2019


To be simple in our approach to life is not simple!
Perhaps this has a lot to do with how our minds and lives become cluttered.
We want to have a simple life and we know this is a
wonderful way to be happy and have peace of mind...  so, what's the problem?
A child learns to walk with little steps and if we can learn to imitate how a child learns, then we are making progress on the road to simplicity.
Take a step and follow through, whatever the goal may be.
For example, we have an untidy room and want to declutter...  take a step towards doing just that.
Make a beginning in whatever way we can, simply start perhaps with one item.
Open a press or drawer and empty the contents out.  Take a moment and with as much honesty and energy we have, begin to discard the 'rubbish'.
This can be hard, letting go of old memories / gifts / photos / clothes etc.
Now is a good time to remind ourselves of our desire for simplicity.
Step by step, follow through, perhaps one hour per day ( more if possible) and how glad we will be.  Happiness will be our reward!
The same applies to our Mind, if it has become cluttered.
Remind ourselves again of our goal, Simplicity, and work on one thought or project at a time.
This simple approach to life is so, so rewarding, what happy people we will be!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I have a friend who often repeats these words, 'Be happy...'
How profound it is to be truly happy, no matter what!
Perhaps it has a lot to do with our ability to let go of our own ideas and desires and let God in!
Could it be possible that we put up a barrier so others cannot 'touch' us?
Very easy to do, to play safe and hide behind a facade of what we know and are used to doing etc.
God loves us and yet we only experience this wonderful and all powerful love when we are able to step away from ourselves and 'let God in'.
Of course, this also applies to allowing other people to come into our lives.
Love is by invitation only.
Be sure to invite LOVE in!