Friday, December 15, 2017

Learn from the Master...

At this time of year, coming up to Christmas, we often receive beautiful Christmas cards depicting the Mother and Child painted so many years ago by Masters of Art.
The one I'm looking at now is the image of our Lady, fondly looking at her Infant Child.
There is no mention of the artist's name, yet obviously a work of genius.
As a Christian, a follower of Christ, we are invited to learn from the Master, to imitate His love and compassion for mankind.
No matter how weak or frail we are, we have it in us to become Christ-like and help to make this wonderful world of ours a more loving place to live in.
Learn from the Master...

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Prepare the Way...

Christmas is such a special time of year, a preparation for the coming Birth of Jesus.
When a mother is expecting a child, it's a great and yet anxious time for all concerned.
Will all go well?
It's the same for each one of us. As a Christian we are preparing for the Redemption of the World!
Christ coming to us as a new born baby is awesome and almost unbelievable.
For God to become Man is in itself a marvel...
To come as a baby, vulnerable and dependent on the good will of people to care for Him and his blessed Mother...  Why so?  
Perhaps the lesson we learn is the amazing and beautiful example of an Infant Child.
There is no room for us to be afraid, just simply to love with all our heart / soul and mind.
The Child Jesus teaches us how to love as a child. 
No fear, only Love!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas Spirit

Today was a day of activity, plenty to prepare and do for the coming Christmas 2017!
First list was cards and letters, especially to those far away with limited time for postage.
We might ask ourselves, how did we suddenly jump into the month of December?
Has Y2017 truly disappeared so quickly?
However, with a little reflection, we will begin to realise that Time is a gift and is given to us, daily.
The most rewarding attitude to have is to live each day as a special time to prepare for Christmas,
the birth of Christ.
The awareness of being able to do one thing at a time is special.
Perhaps the best way is to simply pray and allow ourselves to be guided by what is best in each present moment.
The secret ingredient is to put LOVE into all we do. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Truth will set us free...

Sometimes we can believe that if only people knew the Truth, then the world would be a better and more compassionate place to live in.  
This is true and yet, how does one know what is the Truth?
We all have our point of view and ideas and opinions which may well be tainted by our love for ourselves.
To find out what is the Truth in any given situation will depend on how honest we are, especially to ourselves.
It comes back to our belief system...
Am I christian-minded enough to believe in the words of Christ...
     'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life...'
If so, then I know what the Truth is and my job is to live a life that portrays that Truth.
Remember that we are a work-in-progress.  Each day we are invited to begin again.
Choose to live a Truthful life..

Sunday, November 12, 2017


The chance came and I availed of it, a trip to Knock in Co. Mayo.
A friend, with the loan of a car, was interested in coming too, so we set off, breaking our journey in Athlone. My first time to truly visit the city and avail of the wonderful Church buildings and modern shopping centres.
In a way, I enjoyed most the 'old' streets and the Friary Church run by the Franciscans.
The stain glass window depicting St. Anthony shone like a vision behind the main altar.
Somehow I felt at home there and was impressed by the bright-painted interior.
Of course, the river Shannon running through the city is a sight to see and I promised to come again in the summer and avail of a tour-boat along the river.
The sat-nav helped us to find the best way to Knock, through Roscommon and some very narrow and winding roads. Eventually, a sign assured us that we were approaching Knock village.
The Basilica is a wonderful sight to see, a huge white monument with room for thousands of pilgrims with the most artistic wall-sized picture of the vision of Our Lady's visit to Knock.
The original Church is being repaired and will be an extra bonus for visitors to enjoy.
My favourite place became the Reconciliation Chapel, a quiet place for the soul with priests available all day to administer the sacrament of confession.
An added bonus is the Knock House Hotel where we enjoyed a warm bowl of soup and relaxed in a comfortable environment.
So many memories came to mind of previous visits and I so long to return again to this blessed place of prayer and peace.

Friday, November 3, 2017


Being creative, however and whichever way we are inspired is wonderful.
Take writing for an example...
A blank page with nothing on it, yet the desire to write is with us, deep in our creative mind.
Pen to paper, just write. Let the words flow and pay no attention to meaning or grammar, simply write!
Have we a theme or just a word that bounces into our head. Grab hold of it and don't let go.
If we do this with as much sincerity as we can muster up, we will be surprised and delighted by what comes to mind.
An example... the word,  discipline, such an uninspiring word, yet stick with it.
We need discipline to...
To write / to exercise / to develop a friendship / to love.
Now apply the word to a sentence...
I was unable to exercise, just couldn't discipline myself or so I believed... 
Then I joined a walking group,  such crazy people, out walking in all kinds of weather...
It was difficult at first, yet I began to enjoy the banter and laughs as we all suffered together getting soaked and blown around in the wind and rain.
Afterwards we met in the Mountain Inn and oh such a pleasure, the soup was like a taste of heaven!
and so on and so on....
This exercise can be applied to any word / any topic.
The lesson learned is found in delving into our unconscious mind and coming up with 'gems' of imaginative stories.
A little discipline teaches us to stick with the blank page and happily surprise ourselves.
'Wisdom is born of pain.'

Sunday, October 22, 2017


We live in a strange world where almost anything is possible.
If we have an interest in history / writing / painting, whatever it might be, the information to learn about it is at our finger-tips.
Perhaps, what is most important is the knowledge of learning about ourselves / who we are and what is our purpose is life?
As a Christian and practising Catholic I believe our purpose is to know and love God,  Even more so, to know and realise how much God loves us.
The whole life of Christ is such a mystery and yet, for those who have Faith,  it is an invitation to respond and build a relationship with God.
How could we not love Him who loves us?
The gift of Faith is not handed on to everybody and yet, each one of us can find enough knowledge and reasoning in this amazing world of ours to help us to know and to love God.
It is an open invitation, 'seek and you will find..'